Crane Hire for Boat Building

Crane Hire for Boat Building

Most manufacturers of luxury yachts, power boats, and pleasure craft use street overhead cranes to lift their boats. These expensive boats are prone to damage and lifting them is a very delicate operation. Many renovations and repairs performed on these boats are difficult to perform. Anytime a boat is lifted, there is the possibility of damage to the craft.

There are as many different types of cranes as they are requirements to lift the boats. Different cranes are often necessary when performing various tasks. It takes one type of crane to lift extremely heavy hull sections and a completely different type of crane to move light-weight boat parts from one location to another. Crane companies are experts at providing the right cranes to meet their customers’ needs.


Below are the primary locations where it is necessary to use overhead cranes to lift boats and watercraft.

Docks And Shipyards

One of the most popular types of overhead cranes is the Demag crane. This design is used heavily throughout the entire manufacturing process. Our company’s cranes will provide efficient and safe handling of any and all metal segments. These cranes are also capable of precisely positioning any large components, such as hulls so they are properly placed for manufacturing. Companies manufacturing motor yachts and sailboats use Demag cranes to create an assembly line to make their manufacturing process more efficient. Additionally, our industrial cranes efficiently and safely move building segments and doors anywhere within the shipyard or dock area.

Logistics And Supply

Our overhead cranes are used extensively to expedite lifting and loading in all segments of logistics and supply. David from Preston – a Sydney crane rental company says “there is no load too big for these cranes to handle”. They lift anything from diesel units weighing several tonnes to lightweight modular components. Our cranes lift anything with precision and safety.

Crane rental for boats


While overhead cranes are typically used to lift large watercraft, they may also be used to lift any type of craft, no matter how small. Demag overhead cranes are used by all types of boat manufacturers, even small boats, and canoes. The compact crane solution, KBK light crane system is perfect for these smaller manufacturing facilities and boatyards. This system works extremely well in tight spaces with low ceiling heights.

Boats And Marinas

Many boat owners store their boats at a local marina or boatyard. These facilities will use our overhead cranes to lift the boats into positions for long-term storage. One of the most popular crane systems for these facilities is the overhead crane on rails that can run right out over the water to pick up and move the boat. We also offer a pillar-mounted slewing crane that can operate in a wide radius providing maximum lift capacity. Both of these overhead crane systems are guaranteed to handle boats and other watercraft precisely and gently, minimizing the opportunity for any damage to the craft.

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