Boats Using Artificial Grass

Boats Using Artificial Grass

Is It Possible To Have Artificial Grass On A Boat?

UK is the homeland of passenger boats. Most tourists, as well as some residents of London, find pleasure in going up and down the River Thames on a boat.

The Thames Clipper river bus service alone takes about 9,000 passengers on an average day. This shows once more how important this service is for London and for its inhabitants. Thames is an iconic river, hence its worldwide popularity. All tourists want to see it, to sail on it and to take a photo on its banks. Besides, locals use it to commute to and from work, so river bus services are more than welcome.


The exposure Thames has is an excellent opportunity for boat owners and managers. for instance, the European football championship is the perfect occasion to set up some themed boats. By setting up a football field on a boat, you can attract a lot of tourists, as millions of people are avid fans of this sport.

This is why companies such as the Thames Clipper river bus service seek to take advantage of such opportunities. The installation of synthetic grass Sydney on board of their boats is one of the best ideas for incorporating the football theme with their other services.

Artificial grass installation services offered by Arttra are special, as boats are different than solid ground, so not everybody is able to do a good job putting the two together.

Synthetic turf installed on boats is a brilliant idea for integrating the football concept into such regular boat services. Passengers are going to enjoy a special trip they are going to remember for a very long time. These are the priceless memories we all want to bring from our trips and one of the main reasons for giving up our comfort to travel the world. Why not float on the Thames and enjoy football at the same time?

Durable and versatile, artificial grass is the best solution. It can be customised according to your needs, it can be trimmed to the desired size, so it can be shaped to fit the surface area of a deck, no matter its characteristics. Besides, this type of surface is excellent for such purposes, as it can deal with heavy traffic of passengers coming and going. Even in such conditions, it can look great for a very long time, thus having very low maintenance costs. Regular cleaning is everything it needs to look awesome.


Synthetic grass is very easy to clean. you don’t have to worry about your passengers dropping foods or drinks on the floor. Everything can be washed away with water and with the help of a solid mop. In addition, this grass has good anti slipping properties, even when wet. Your guests are going to be safe, and you are going to have the peace of mind that none of them is going to slip and twist an ankle.

As you can see, artificial grass can help you promote your brand during such an important event, without huge marketing expenditure or efforts.

Ez Artificicial Grass installs synthetic grass in Perth on all types of surfaces (even boats) in homes, businesses and at promotional events.

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